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24 years
What is the general medical opinion on the safety and effectivness of "intermittent fasting" diet plans?
Aug 17, 2013

Dr. Michel Moutran Plastic Surgery
There is no miraculous diet or all patient with overweight would be following it. 95 % of diets are effective in loosing weight. But less than 5 % of patient who lost weight did not regain all their weight and some time more after 1 to 2 years. So if it is easy to loose weight it is much more difficult not to regain weight. That is why all medical societies dealing with weight probems do not recommend a specific diet but a radical change in daily habits. And that is relatively clear and easy.
Reduce the calory intake without starving.
Reduce bad fats keep the good ones,
Reduce bad carbohydrates with rapid sugar, replace them with slow ones.
Keep a good portion of protein intake.
Eat fruits, vegetables. Prefer steam and boiling cuisine to fried one.
Increase your calory output by walking a lot, exercise on a regular basis.
This regimen is a radical change in your life habits. It will give you weight control without the risk of yoyo diets. You will loose weight and best of all you will not regain it ! But, it takes time and you have to be patient. 1 to 2 kg a month is a good pace for weight loss.