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What is the cause of short period of vaginal shocks? Not pregnant if this has anything to do with my question.
May 12, 2013

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
you must first explain what do you mean by vaginal shock what are your symptoms ,any shock in medicine is related to the body reaction towards ex,bacteria ""bacterial shock,''or allergy "anaphylactic shock" or ...,and it is accompanied by fever or swelling depending on the cause ..
so better that you describe your symptoms what you meant by shock
BUT if you mean a vibration twitching sensation that lasts for seconds then this occurs when the muscles in that region undergo minor contractions called fasciculations - rather like the tic of an eye.
Fasciculations in the vaginal area usually occurs when the nerve carrying sensation from that area is pinched or affected in any way for example:
- Infection of the nerve can cause the sensation.
- A spinal cord herniation or degeneration of the spinal bones is often associated with vibration of the muscles of the vaginal area.The nerve supply comes from various nerves all of which originate from nerve fibres from the lower spinal cord.
-Neuropathy due to diabetes or due to vitamin B deficiencies can also cause these sensations.
Please consult your doctor if this is the case and ask to be examined to rule out or confirm any of these causes.
Meanwhile do slow stretching exercises. Taking multivitamin supplements containing Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 also helps.
I hope this helps.if not this the case then as i said previously describe your symptoms