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What can we do in case of depression ? or eat ? I've heard that magnesium (magné b6) is okay but has side effect. And what about crying, should we try to stop crying or not ? thanks
Feb 5, 2013

Dr. Karim Farah Pulmonology
clinical depression is something not to take lightly or ignore. it is a chronic illness and needs long term therapy (medical and non medical)
there are lots of signs and symptoms or major depression which should be present for at least 2 weeks
1- feeling low mood most of the day for almost every day
2-feeling of worthlessness
3-loss of interest in daily activities that used to interest you.
4- not eating or over eating
5-not sleeping or over sleeping
6-agitation or restlessness or crying spells
7-inabitlity to concentrate
8-fatigue or loss of energy
9-suicide ideation

if you or any close friends notice at least 5 of the above criteria (with at least the 1st or 2nd)with no possible cause (like grieving...) you need to see a psychiatrist as soon as possible.
Dr. Jinan Usta Family Medicine
when someone is feeling depressed for more than 2 weeks, better check with a family doctor who will ask questions and decide on therapy. Magne B6 is used by some doctors to help people relax, but it is not very effective when it comes to real depression. when it comes to crying, it is better to express feelings, but if the crying is excessive, not always appropriate, then better check for depression.