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30 years
Though i don't drink liquids a lot (1.5 L max a day), i have no diabetes, i urinate a lot, max each 1.5 hours or 2 hours and every time with full bladder, help!!
Jun 12, 2013

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
You could be having either polyuria, defined as passing >3 L/day of urine in adults, or urinary frequency, in which you have an urgent need to void frequently but the total urine output is not increased.
The causes could be:
1- Diabetes mellitus (insulin problem)
2- Diabetes insipidus: consists of 2 types: a/central: here there's a deficiency in a hormone called ADH, giving messages that you're constantly thirsty even when your body is hydrated; b/nephrogenic: the kidney is not responsive, partially or totally, to ADH, and in adults it's secondary, usually to meds like Lithium
3- Pregnancy: early on, urination frequency increases
4- Alcohol
5- Cystitis (bladder infection) or urinary tract infection: especially if you have on top lower abdominal or flank pain and burning with urination
If all the above is ruled out after evaluation by a physician (history, examination, and tests), you may have what is called "Overactive bladder", which is a symptom syndrome (not a specific pathological condition) consisting of urgency (involuntary bladder contractions lead to frequent and often urgent urination, meaning you have to get to a bathroom right away even if your bladder is not full), frequency, and nocturia (frequent urination during the night).
Dr. Adel Merchak Endocrinology
A urine analysis may resume a lot of questions .