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32 years
Regarding flu shots. No one can deny the billions pharma companies make, and how much they lobby to impose it. can someone answer this article?
Oct 10, 2013

Dr. Karim Farah Pulmonology
Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars not only from the flu vaccine but from any medication they produce. Concerning the article about the flu vaccine, here are some myth that need to be clarified.
- the flu vaccine is an inactivated virus. which means it contain the proteins that the body with use to make antibodies against the virus. so you cannot get the flu from the vaccines. lots of people think they got the flu from the vaccine where in fact they got the regular flu from somewhere else. some normal effect of any vaccine in general are low grade fever, generalized fatigue, bony pain are due to inflammatory reaction that your body is having to build an immune response. in addition to irritation site and redness which are normal
- there are several causes of flu not only the influenza. but the vaccine protect you from the most common and dangerous influenza strains.
-the vaccine does not suppress your immune system, on the contrary.
-the mercury used from preservation is not harmful
- the only neurological side effect is guillain-barre
-the vaccine is recommended to all healthy individual who are above 6month old, with special emphasis on elderly patient, cancer patient, patient with lung diseases (asthma, COPD...), cardiac disease health care worker, and all patient living with or taking care of any previously mentioned person.