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35 years
None of the symptoms u described apply sauf la douleur. Pas de fievre.breast fully drained. No swelling nor redness. Adequate bra. Not tired (thats debatable lol).. thx anyway dr rania :)
Aug 22, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
What have you meant by bruise ,haven't you meant redness and swelling apperance in a certain place around the nipple and it is sore especially when breastfeeding ?
it is not necessarily that all symptoms are present ,this condition have grades and depending on the severity the symptoms are worse ,so if you feel like a sore red like breast around the nipple ,the milk duct might have been clogged and mastitis occured if the symptoms are mild then you might not have fever .

However if i understood your symptoms wrongly then sorry but a bruise is a red to bluish swelling or infection this is for clarification

However ,if you suffer only a breast pain all over the breast and not localized with no symptoms then the cause will be that the baby might have been nursing and breast fed from this breast more and this breast getting full more than the other ,if this is the case try to pump some of the milk in that breast or let your baby begin with it .