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28 years
I have a constipation problem. Without Duphalac, nothing works! How can I avoid medication because it bothers me?
Dec 11, 2013

Dr. Nehme Raad Urology
Constipation is a very annoying problem that might have many effects on the long run, especially in women.
Constipation results in an increase in your abdominal pressure during defecation. This might lead with time to the development of hernias, weakening of your pelvic muscles, anal problems (like fissures), and acquiring urinary tract infection.
This is why you must take care of your constipation and treat it very well.
First, you must improve your diet (drinking more water, eating fibers that are available in vegetables, exercising ...).
You might also have what we call an irritable bowel syndrome. This condition is affected by many factors like food, weather, stress. It is treated by some drugs.
I encourage you to visit your physician or a gastroenterologist to help you treating your condition.