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20 years
Is it okay to keep a condom in my wallet for around 2 weeks?
Jun 8, 2013

Dr. Nehme Raad Urology
Before answering your question, I want to remind you that condoms must always be used to prevent any sexually transmitted disease (STDs).
Usually, condoms must be stored in a cool dry place. It is better to keep it in your nightstand.
Any condition that brakes those rules can damage your condom and cause weakness or micro-holes in the condom.
Putting a condom in the wallet (that is usually put in the back pocket) predispose it to heat and rubbing with a risk of package tear and drying of the condom.
Putting the condom in the glove compartment predispose it to heat.
If it is to be taken with you, the condom must be placed in a rigid case in your shirt pocket.
If you want to put it in the wallet, be sure to use the condom in the same night.
Last word: using a probably damaged condom is far better than not using a condom. But always be safe and use an undamaged condom. Always check the expiration date.
Dr. Salim Saab Otolaryngology (ENT)
it is advised to keep it in cool dry place not in the wallet for 2weeks