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18 years
My weight is 62 kg and I need help losing weight without resorting to any equipment or machines?
Jan 19, 2014

Dr. Michel Moutran Plastic Surgery
Losing weight relies on a simple balance where your input is lower than your output. In other terms, you need to lower your food intake in calories and augment your calories expenditure. Very easy to say, sometimes difficult to apply.
The principles are simple: do regular cardio exercise (1h daily) use the stairs avoid the elevators, move more during the day, do a sport that you like sharing good time with your friends.
For the food, reduce the high glycemic index foods and prefer the whole grain food. Reduce the carbohydrates (pasta, rice etc) without cutting them, reduce the fat, keep the good proteins, drink a lot of water, control your food portions, eat many times but each time a bit.
These are the basic principles that work keeping in mind that loosing more than 2 kg per month is at high risk of regaining your weight