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17 years
I had a seizure, and after many tests my doctor told me I have epilepsy. however my MRI showed brain anomalies and the doctors couldn't find out what they are. so what can they be? are they dangerous?
Aug 4, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Since the doctors who see the MRI results don't reach a final diagnose or know what are the exact abnormalities are ,he will be ordering another MRI after 3 months or another further testing if he want to check of a possible cause and want to confirm a diagnose .
the doctor is trying to check if there is a brain lesion causing your symptoms of seizures and epilepsy
Seizures are common.In patients with a first ever seizure imaging will mostly show no brain-abnormalities, because the seizure is provoked by fever, drugs, dehydration or sleep deprivation.
The term epilepsy is used, when there are recurrent unprovoked seizures.
the lesions on your MRI can be the cause of your epilepsy ,they can be many things may be simple maybe serious depending on the findings and the location ,further tests are done for the condition to be clear