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31 years
I gave her curam 457 (3.5 ml) and for the fever panadol, profinal, advil, tylenol suppo and fir the ears Otisldol .. I followed up his instructions but yesterday the fever was 40 and hardly realsed!!
Aug 17, 2014

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
Fever that occurs in children while they are on antibiotics has two possible explanations:
1 - the initial fever episodes were caused by a virus (which is cleared by the immune system and cannot be treated with antibiotics because this category of medications targets only bacteria and not viruses), and the current fever is another virus - this is especially likely if you send your daughter to the daycare or if she got into close contact with affamily member who is ill.
2- It started with a viral illness and now there's a superimposed bacterial infection. This occurs because while the immune system is fighting against a virus it becomes vulnerable to infection with other germs, so bacteria can easily get into the body. The fever occurring despite the fact that your daughter is taking antibiotics usually is because the antibiotics need 48 hours to control the infection. Another possibility is that the bacteria is resistant to Curam (which is amoxicillin clavulanic acid, same as Augmentin and Amoclan).
One thing that is alarming is possibly a complicated course of the illness: in the ear, if there's otitis media, we fear of a complication known asmastoiditis, wwhereby the infection invades the bone behind the ear. In this scenario you would notice that the affected ear is protruding forward and behind the ear there's a swollen red buldge that is painful to touch. In the lungs we fear progression of the bronchitis to pneumonia.
In any case you need to have your daughter examined by her pediatrician, do blood tests (complete blood count, blood culture), and a chest x-ray. The management will be then decided upon according to the results.