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42 years
How effective is laser to tighten the stomach?
Oct 25, 2014

Dr. Michel Moutran Plastic Surgery
Laser is a heating technology available for internal application (laser liposuction) or external application. The idea behind it is that by heating some specific part of the skin (the dermis) you will get tightening whether alone or whether associated with liposuction (in that case laser is also associated with fat melting). This is what laser is supposed to do. But when looking at the studies on laser scientifically the conclusion is a bit different.
When using laser assisted liposuction the rate of complication (irregularities, dimples, superficial burn, asymmetries) is close to 20%, leaning 1 person in 5. And there is no tightening effect ever proven compared to traditional liposuction.
What about the external laser machines. They pretend they can target the deep dermis without any surgery and create some tightening. Here again the scientific facts are a bit different. When the power of laser is high it damages the skin and burn it, when it is low and putting apart all the measures associated (diet, exercise, massage creams etc...) these machines have never proven any tightening effect compared to placebo.
So the conclusion to tighten the stomach:
- seek the advice of a plastic surgeon to get a diagnosis: what you call stomach could be abdominal muscle widening after pregnancies, internal fat deposits, skin fat deposits and also skin excess.
- when you get a diagnosis, the solution will become obvious on its own, whether it is which dieting, exercise or liposuction.