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26 years
Concerning the TSH level Thyroid profile: TSH 1.70 0.47-4.64 uUl/ml FT3 6.53 3.1-6.8 pmol/ml FT4 1.43 0.93-1.7 ng/ml
Aug 6, 2014

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
Your thyroid hormones levels all fall within the normal range; they do not even suggest the possibility of subclinical hypothyroidism --in which Free T3 and T4 are normal but TSH is mildly elevated--
Your symptoms might therefore be due to another pathology, be it organic/physical or psychological. It would help if you give more details of those symptoms in order to try identify possible causes.
Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
well yes your levels are in the normal range concerning lab values
Check with your doctor for another cause of your symptoms ,like the ones mentioned before ,depending on what symptoms you have the doctor will order other tests .this is a point.
If you have a family history of hypothyroidism, fit the symptom profile for hypothyroidism, or suspect you have a thyroid problem, see any bulges in the neck a giter,you can recheck your thyroid levels after 3 months beside anti-TPO test
Most cases of hypothyroidism are due to autoimmune disease—the body making antibodies against the thyroid gland. . You can tell if yours is the result of autoimmunity because, in addition to changes in TSH, T4, and T3, a marker known as thyroid peroxidase antibodies (anti-TPO) will be elevated.
a thyroid that is in the process of autoimmune failure , as evidenced by elevated antibody levels - can cause hypothyroid symptoms BEFORE the hypothyroidism shows up as TSH outside the normal range
These antibodies, which are produced by the immune system, may attack thyroid cells. If a blood test determines their presence, it shows that there has been thyroid damage which could potentially lead to hypothyroidism. This autoimmune damage characterizes Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
so you can repeat the test after 3 months ,you can do anti-TPO test ,check with an endocrinologist to check with goiter and if the symptoms you have do anything with thyroid disease or if any further scans of thyroid must be done .
be sure that in the absence of any symptom of hypothyroid your levels are totally normal ,but i am trying to trust your symptoms
you can check with an internist doctor for a thorough up tests to know the cause of your symptoms in the presence of normal thyroid levels .